About Us - PROSEED

About Us

Who we are?

We are a group of people who are determined to engage with educationists, teachers, and anybody in general who is associated with the education of Pakistan. As our name suggests, Professional Society for Educational Empowerment and Development (PROSEED), is an initiative to bring people related to the education sector on one platform.

What we want to do?

The main idea behind this project is to identify issues in our education system and then try to find out their solutions according to Pakistan’s needs.

For quite a long time, we felt the need of a quality magazine that can better serve the educationists in the country. Apart from a proper website, we have successfully published two volumes in printed form.

Our editorial team is already working in the education sector for quite a long time. We believe this gives us an extraordinary exposure and insight into the current challenges and problems faced by our students, teachers, principals and school managers.

Over the years, our experience in the education sector has made us realised that most schools in Pakistan are not working on their true potential. This means there is a huge latent potential in the country, which can only be utilised by engaging with those who impart knowledge and are active in the education. Pakistan is one of those countries in the world that have one of the lowest percentages of trained and qualified teachers. We believe the country cannot achieve desired goals unless it has a number of qualified professionals who can take on the enormous challenges it faces in the education sector.

Pakistan – the six most populous country – has one of the largest out-of-school population of children in the world. Considering the magnitude of education crisis in Pakistan, we believe we can help each other by sharing new concepts and scientific research being done in different parts of the world.

The gravity of situation demands us to be strong and have result-oriented approach. Instead of giving in, we have to accept this challenge for the better future of our next generations. All these challenges give us motivation and keep us inspired to continuously remain in search of new ideas that can help our students, teachers and principals.

We are determined to take more professional contributors on board so that their experience in the education sector can guide us in producing original and quality content. Our team is open to ideas and suggestions. If you want to pitch any idea or send us your article, please email us at info@proseedmag.com

Muhammad Farhan

Chief Editor